Snow Leopard: What I like


Almost 3 weeks into using Snow Leopard, and I haven’t found too many new things, but here is a list of things I’ve found that are neat.

Being able to select a different application while in Expose, even if that app isn’t
Minimized windows have their own little section so that we don’t forget about them (This happened to me a lot back in leopard: I’d go file->open, and the file would just un-minimize.). Total time saver ^_^

System Preferences

One of my biggest complaints in leopard was that the folders for desktop backgrounds would all say ‘Aperture’ (only if you had aperture installed). So, my temporary fix was to close System Preferences, move my Aperture library, and re-open System Preferences before OS X found out where I moved the Aperture library to.

Keyboard shortcuts are finally organized and not terribly chaotic!

What I’d like to see:

Multiple monitor support is terrible in OS X. I mean, It works flawlessly. But If i have multiple screens, I don’t want my spaces to get bigger. I want Space 1 on my main screen. and Space 2 on my secondary screen. I am a Software Engineer in training and I just can’t believe Apple’s engineers haven’t fixed this problem yet.

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  1. Ethan Harstad September 18, 2009 12:12 pm 

    The multiple monitor thing, I somewhat agree with you, but that is how multi-monitor support has been handled in every OS I have tried. Apparently people like it that way? I was able to hack together a separate set of 4 spaces for each monitor on my Ubuntu box. Hotkeys to push windows onto the other monitor or into another space or just click the window and throw it to the other monitor. I like to play with it instead of being productive sometimes.

    Digging the new theme

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