Avatar – People don’t get it

So.. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything. Been kinda busy with school and such.  Just wanted to talk about James Cameron‘sAvatar. =)

Avatar is a great movie. Great enough that I’ve seen it five times: twice in 2d (awesome), twice in 3d (zomg awesome), and once in the IMAX in 3d (zomg, I <3 more than anything).    I am very passionate about this movie and everything in it.  A couple of my friends, however, have offered to check me into rehab (not only for this movie, but for Lady Gaga‘s Bad Romance).  My friends have just never felt so passionate about anything before.

I’m not crazy about Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance but she has somehow figured out a way to inject crack into audio… I never get sick of the song… ’tis weird.

The most common complaints I hear about the movie are almost always related to the plot.  They say that it was too simple and too similar to Pocahontas… Well.. Not every movie needs to have the most original plot ever.  Look at The Shawshank Redemption (currently IMDB’s #1) … basically the guy breaks out of jail (the first half of the movie anyway)… how original is that? … But what I feel people need to see in movies is how the entire work of art appears as a whole.  Otherwise… almost every movie is going to suck.

I’ve watched a lot of videos of interviews with James Cameron (the director), Sam Worthington (Jake Sully) and Zoe Saldana (Neytiri)… and based on what they said, I don’t think the movie could have turned out any more perfect. James Cameron (who also did The TerminatorTerminator 2: Judgment Day (I <3 terminator) and Aliens which also had Sigourney Weaver) said that he couldn’t get too crazy with the plot because of how ‘out there’ the visuals were.  It needed to be simple. So that the 9 foot tall Na’vi wouldn’t scare people off.

Now here’s why I like the movie:

  • The way humans are portrayed as savages who will take what they want without really caring about the destruction of innocent lives.
  • How Grace Augustine  (Sigourney Weaver) and Norm Spellman  (Joel Moore) discover that Eywa is real and scientifically measurable… and not just some “pagan ritual” thing.  So… this made made me think about the possibility of religion on our planet being measurable somehow… so many people laugh at religion because they think it isn’t real… but maybe we just don’t have the technology do discover it?
  • File:Friday 25 December 09 - 001442.jpg
  • Before Jake Sully gets ready to link with his Avatar body for the first time, Grace says something along the lines of “why are you even here?”, he says “Maybe I got sick of doctors telling me what I can’t do.”  … Now I love determination and going against what people think of you.  Rebellian has it’s place and is exercised perfectly here.
  • In the beginning … When Jake Sully, after not having the use of his legs for an unspecified long time, enters his Avatar body: he is excited about having legs again in a way that words cannot explain.  While I still have the use of my legs, the way the situation was presented in the movie brought tears to my eyes.  After the first time he leaves his Avatar body, he is briefly filled with sadness as he remembers that he doesn’t have functional legs…
  • I absolutely love the scenery. Everything about the moon Pandora. Especially how everything is bioluminescent.  It puts our planet to shame (which isn’t that too hard from my perspective, considering I’ve never left the U.S.).
  • The little bioluminescent lizards that look similar to DaVinci’s helicopter. =)
  • The spiral fly traps in the beginning that suck themselves into their stem. And as it turns out these are based off real plants… except they live underwater T_T
  • I heart nature… and Pandora has nothing that mars its beauty. =)

So, this movie pretty much made me not want to be human anymore.   We all know Earth is heading to hell anyway… and the greed of humans and the destruction they leave behind them is pushing it there faster than ever.  I’ve never liked people as a whole… This movie made me feel like I had a choice… but in reality (with current technology)… I don’t …  Given the option, though, I’d switch in a heart beat.

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  1. lewis March 12, 2010 5:40 am 

    I loved your take on this…..as somebody who used to run/bike/swim through Triathlons..and lost that ability due to a drunk/passed out driver…I cried at the thought of “feeling good & invincible again” when Jake started running……i was running with him…..and the only weakness of the film was Cameron’s hatred for G. W. Bush and the necessity of war to keep the innocent and vulnerable safe…but as an art piece IT IS AMAZING!!!

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